How long does a journey, a walk, a hike take? It all begins with selecting the right destination for you. Then comes the preparation and the start, and you’re on your way. You go as far as you want, experiencing adventures, reaching your goals, and returning home with all your achievements, experiences, stories, and clarity for the future.

It’s advisable to allocate 6 to 12 months for successful and impactful career coaching, business coaching, or life coaching.

In coaching, we also start with your future, your goals. The more clarity and focus you gain, the easier and faster you can achieve them. We find out what you can do in the present to make your desired future possible.

Single sessions (1.5 hours) or breakthrough sessions (3-hour session) are suitable for specific issues such as decision-making, reducing speech/exam/performance/presentation anxieties, or preparing for difficult conversations.

Depending on the size and scope of your main and intermediate goals, we plan the frequency of our coaching sessions accordingly. Initially, it can be more intense, with 2-4 meetings within the first month, and then we schedule sessions according to your needs. During critical periods, I provide support through short-notice phone calls, emails, and online sessions.

Coaching sessions take place at Kärntnerstraße 4/15, and/or via the Signal app, and/or during a walk (Wiener Stadtpark, Wiener Prater).
Other locations can be arranged, travel time and expenses will be billed.

From my perspective, coaching is:

  • Solution- and results-oriented communication,
  • event-related personal development,
  • exciting and relaxing,
  • professional reflection to learn from mistakes and successes, in a safe space,
  • self-development and the promotion of specifically desired skills and overall performance of my clients.

With and within Reality Coaching, as I understand it, you create the reality and future in which you truly want to live. In exchange and in relation to the people who are important to you, and in places surrounded by things that you find beautiful and good.

Coaching begins where your previous strategies and behavioral patterns no longer work.

Coaching also starts whenever you want to elevate the quality of your life, communication, career, relationships with others and yourself to a new level. It is your reality, and it is Reality Coaching.

Do we personally only work online or also “in real life”?

Pure online-coaching
I had my prejudices about what effective coaching work can be done in online coaching. My clients have clearly shown me that anything is possible. Sometimes, proven methods are adapted or a new work-around is invented (hello, solution focus 🙂 ). From the initial consultation through the entire coaching process to the follow-up, we can work via video calls using Signal. It is stable, has excellent end-to-end encryption, and is free. Simply install Signal on your laptop, desktop, or tablet to establish a secure connection.
You will save on travel costs and other expenses. You can connect with me from anywhere. It has worked with Berlin, Geneva, Montreal, Oslo, and even the Cape Verde Islands. Prerequisite: good hardware and good internet performance on both sides.

Hybrid coaching
Depending on the concern/theme/method choice, we decide whether to have coaching sessions in my practice, take a walk in the Vienna Prater or City Park, or conduct online coaching via Signal. We start at the agreed meeting point, work while walking, standing, and sitting on park benches or in the grass. You return to the starting point with new solutions, ideas, and possibilities.

Pure in-person coaching in my practice:
Of course, this is also possible and highly welcome. We work in a place where many, many people have already achieved what they longed for. Is it your turn now?

Wherever you are, whether it’s for work or personal reasons: Online coaching allows you to work on your concerns from almost any preferred location worldwide.
Barrier-free practice: Working online is a good alternative. Online coaching can be more cost-effective for you than in-person sessions since you save on travel time and costs.

Personally, I hardly see any disadvantages anymore.
Having to sit in front of a screen: Of course, during a “session,” you can change your position and even work while standing. One client sometimes used a treadmill during coaching sessions.

Interruptions due to technology: Good hardware and a stable internet connection are important prerequisites. But even in the practice, there are short breaks if an emergency vehicle with sirens needs to pass through Kärntnerstraße or if street musicians become enthusiastic.

It primarily depends on what you want to achieve:
If the goal is to heal a clinically significant mental disorder, it is essential for you to choose a good, fitting psychotherapy. Coaching/supervision/mediation cannot replace psychotherapy.
If you aim to further develop yourself in personal and/or professional areas, resolve conflicts, make good decisions, advance your career or your business/company, then investing in coaching will help you achieve your goals.

Around 50% of my clients have experience in psychotherapy, supervision and psychological treatment.

In general, yes. However, it is important not to burden yourself with too much change work. Feel free to discuss it with your trusted psychiatrist and/or psychotherapist. If you are not in an acute psychological crisis, career/life/business coaching can be a good choice.

From a legal perspective, the diagnosis/treatment/therapy of mental disorders is only allowed for psychiatrists, psychotherapists, and clinical psychologists or health psychologists.

As your coach, I work with you on your personal and professional goals and your future. We address memories and the past only situationally when it benefits your goals. To maintain clear boundaries for myself (and thus for my clients), I am in contact and exchange with a highly experienced psychotherapist and traumatherapist.

Regarding all content, from the initial consultation to the final session and follow-up, I adhere to the statutory confidentiality obligation according to § 119 (4) of the Trade, Commerce, and Industry Regulation Act.

In the registration form you can choose how we treat each other if we happen to run into each other between or after the coaching sessions. Then you are either my client and I am your coach or we only know each other by sight.

A targeted method or a combination of methods is always employed in coaching, including Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Provocative Coaching, Solution-Focused Brief Coaching, Systemic-Constructivist Coaching, and Systemic Structural Constellations.

In coaching, I will explain the appropriate intervention as far as possible. If, for any reason, you do not wish to use a particular method, we will find an alternative way to reach the goal.

It may sound trivial, but the right time is when you are truly, truly ready to plan and implement changes. What keeps you awake at night? Are you repeatedly reading articles and blogs on the internet about your concern? Are you talking to friends and/or family about it, but not making progress?
Then the only question remaining is: Are you willing to invest in yourself and your future? Are you ready to invest the necessary time and money in yourself? Starting now?

For 6-12 month life/business/career coaching:

Schedule your strategy session (1h)

For Single Session or Breakthrough Session:

Schedule your initial consultation (30 Min.)

Single Session 1,5h
Breakthrough Session 3h, plus follow-up (1h)

Minimum duration 1 hour. Individual agreement possible. Spontaneous extension is sometimes possible if desired.

Initial consultation appointment, 30 minutes online or in person: usually within 5 days.
Coaching sessions are scheduled within the agreed timeframe during the initial consultation.

Coaching appointments: The quickest option is morning appointments.

Safest version for your desired dates: accompanying coaching over an agreed period of time.

Almost all clients report feeling a certain relief and increased confidence already in the initial consultation. While there are no guarantees, it is highly likely that you will experience the same. For some, even booking the appointment brings a sense of relief: It means you have made the decision to tackle your challenges. This is the first tangible step towards finding a solution, relief, and clarity.

For 6-12 month life/business/career coaching:

Schedule your your free strategy session now (1h)

For Single Session or Breakthrough Session:

Schedule your free initial consultation now (30 min.)

That’s fine, please just write or call.

Alright, then we will start your coaching with a reality check, an assessment of your current situation. From there, you can develop possibilities. Before that, simply book a free initial consultation.

Training and further education (in alphabetical order):

  • Hunter “Patch” Adams, Ph.D. – Gesundheit! Institute
  • Dr. Richard Bandler – Co-Founder of Neurolinguistic Programming
  • Cora Besser-Siegmund, Dipl.Psych. – BesserSiegmund Institut
  • Dr. Roman Braun, TRINERGY®International
  • Robert Dilts – Founder of NLP University California
  • Dr. Gundl Kutschera und Stefanie Kutschera – Institut kutscheracommunication
  • Robert McDonald, MS – MetaOutcomes
  • Paul McKenna, Ph.D. –  Hypnotherapist and hypnotist
  • Joseph O’Connor – lambent do brasil
  • Dr. med. Dipl.-Volkswirt Gunther Schmidt – Head of Milton-Erickson-Instituts Heidelberg
  • Univ.-Doz. Dr. Raoul Schindler – Founder of Pro Mente Österreich, Developer of Rangdynamik
  • Harry Siegmund, Dipl.Psych. – Besser Siegmund Institut
  • Lola Siegmund, BSc – Besser Siegmund Institut
  • Steve de Shazer †, mit Insoo Kim Berg † Founders of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy
  • Dipl-Psych. Insa Sparrer – Syst: Institut für systemische Strukturaufstellungen
  • Prof. Dr. Matthias Varga von Kibéd– Syst: Institut für systemische Strukturaufstellungen
  • Wyatt Woodsmall, Ph.D. – The International Research Institute For Human Typological Studies

I am an systemic NLP- and TRINERGY® coach, an NLP teaching trainer, consultant and trainer for people with reading, writing and arithmetic difficulties and wingwave® coach.

I am self-employed since 1997. As a coach, I am pleased to receive a wonderful compliment now and then, when professional colleagues book coaching with me.

Simply book the free initial consultation for yourself. You can talk about your concerns and challenges, and I already adhere to confidentiality. We will determine if and how we want to work together.

For 6-12 month life/business/career coaching:

Schedule your free strategy session (1h)

For Single Session or Breakthrough Session:

Schedule your free initial consultation (30 Min.)

Between the initial consultation and the first coaching session, I will send you the RealityCoaching goal model. It provides questions that will help you prepare well.

On the other hand, you can simply come as you are. We work with exactly what is present when you take your seat in the practice.